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A television is usually the main focus of a media room.

A media room is a welcome and desirable addition to many homes, but once you decide that you do want a media room, how to go about achieving your goal may seem elusive or complex. There are endless ways to design an effective media room, so the most important factor to consider in your design is exactly what you need and expect from your media room, since your needs will be slightly different from anyone else’s.


Choose a television that is an appropriate size for your needs.

Before making any decisions, it’s best to decide what exactly you want to do in your media room. Watching movies or television is a typical activity for a media room, so you’ll most likely want to invest in a good quality television and players for your movies. However, you may also want to play videogames, which will require more equipment. You may also want to use your media room for listening to music.

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Dorinda Medley Shows Dressing Room in NYC Apartment

From a flood to a total gut renovation, Dorinda Medley dealt with some logistically wrought home projects during Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York City. But these days, the aerobics enthusiast is finding some time to relax in areas of her home that don’t need an ounce of improvement — and that includes an enchanting space that’s packed with sparkles. 

In a recent Instagram snap, the RHONY alum shared a look at the dressing room in her New York apartment. With colorful, patterned wallpaper and a starburst chandelier, the space also has a window overlooking the city skyline. Colorful pieces of furniture included a pillowed yellow chair and a tufted midnight-blue ottoman. 

Along the walls, there were bookshelves, piles of necklaces organized by color, and golden racks holding ornate jackets. “My magical dressing room filled with sequins!” Dorinda wrote in her caption.

And in the comments,

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The Pandemic of Work-From-Home Injuries

“My workstation is in the bedroom. I get up from bed — and if I’m being honest, sometimes don’t even bother showering — and then literally move to the chair, and I sit there for most of the day,” said Ryan Taylor, a New York-based software engineer, who now has pain behind his shoulder.

“The body needs movement,” said Heidi Henson, an Oregon-based chiropractor, who, like the other chiropractors interviewed, said that pandemic-fueled inactivity has caused injuries and pain. “Even if you have perfect, perfect ergonomics, if you’re in the same position for too long, your body is not going to respond well.”

Increased screen-time on our phones — such as doom-scrolling Twitter — only inflames the inactivity. “Cellphones are a huge deal,” said Dr. Erickson, explaining that we tend to bend our necks to look down at our phones. She instead recommends holding your phone up to eye level,

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2022 Honda Civic Interior Possibly Leaked In Trademark Filing

a close up of a car: 2022 Honda Civic Interior

2022 Honda Civic Interior

The Civic won’t get an official debut until next spring.

We won’t officially see the next-generation Honda Civic until sometime next year, but a series of trademark filings discovered this week might have spoiled the surprise. So far, we’ve seen the outside of both the 2022 Honda Civic sedan and hatchback, and now we could be looking at its interior. Well, a piece of it. Trademark filings with the Australian government show a partially deconstructed dashboard

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