4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Bathroom Ready for Company

Entertaining is happening on a smaller scale these days, but having a bathroom you’d happily invite a guest into on short notice is a problem that will never go away, especially as the holidays draw near. This is one of those cases where a little foresight goes a long way. Decorating with inviting art is an instant upgrade, especially in small spaces where even some small framed pieces really pop. And stocking a cute basket with fresh guest soaps in welcoming scents like lavender, along with rolled towels helps lend a spa-like air to one’s hand washing experience.

Then there’s the issue of that mad-dash cleaning we’ve all been guilty of when we hear the doorbell ring. Leveraging a few cleverly designed Scotch-Brite® Brand tools for regular touch-ups will keep your tile and yes, the all important toilet looking presentable 24/7. Don’t forget those tricky areas like the underside of

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Reed Hastings Trashed Work From Home And Investors Should Pay Attention (NYSE:AVB)

I made a living trashing Netflix (NFLX) CEO Reed Hastings nearly a decade ago. And, frankly, I’m ashamed of it.

Not because I was wrong about Netflix. I never feel bad about being wrong on a stock or company. I’m embarrassed because I frequently attacked Hastings and made too big a deal about Netflix’s balance sheet. Reed Hastings is a visionary. I didn’t understand his vision. Looking back, I should have made the same arguments in relation to Netflix as I did in my defense of Jeff Bezos at Amazon.com (AMZN).

So, Reed, if you’re reading. I’m sorry.

At Medium, I take a broader view of Hastings’ recent interview with The Wall Street Journal (you might hit a paywall at the link). In this article, I consider it within the context of how it can help investors set themselves up for post-pandemic opportunity.

Reed Hastings hates work from home. Reed

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Walmart’s Fall Savings Event: Save Big on Kitchen and Home

There are two types of kitchen products: those that make cooking possible (think: knives, pots and pans) and those that streamline your meal prep process (think appliances). Both are important, but the latter tend to be considered investment pieces, often because of their higher price tag. For instance, a KitchenAid stand mixer would cut your baking times in half, but dropping hundreds, even on what’s considered the Rolls Royce of stand mixers? Let’s wait for it to go on sale.

Well guess what: That mixer is on sale right now. Walmart is hosting its Fall Savings Event now through September 27, and there are dozens of items in the home category upwards of 50% off their original price. And yes, that includes the aforementioned KitchenAid stand mixer, which is down to just $199. In fact, there are a lot of premium-quality items that are up for grabs. There’s a version

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