How to Design a Relaxation Room | Home Guides

A relaxation room is designed to imbue a sense of peace and tranquility, giving its visitors a mini vacation from the bustle of a busy or stressful day. Everything from the colors on the walls to the accessories in the room plays a role in creating this peaceful environment. Calming colors, comfortable furniture and pleasant sounds and scents are key. Any element not key to the decor, or which doesn’t contribute to a sense of peace and well-being, should be removed from the room, as is the case with any item which contributes to clutter.

Calming Colors

Calm, soothing colors, such as neutral greens, beiges or blues, bring peace to a room, as does lavender or a light purple. Busy, bright colors such as bright red, yellow or orange have the opposite effect and are the color equivalents of loud sounds. While those bright colors may work well for an

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Home Improvement: How home design trends are evolving for social distancing – Salisbury Post

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COVID-19 has brought changes to everything, and home design is no exception. Experts are expecting to see lasting impacts on everything from the materials we use to the rooms we prioritize. Check out these and other noteworthy trends:

Houses over apartments: Many people who live in condos or apartments do so to be closer to the action — work, entertainment and shops — and never planned on spending much time at home. But the pandemic has changed that, and more people are going to want a home that offers plenty of room and outdoor space in case they need to self-isolate again.

Self-sufficiency: A hard lesson we’ve learned is that things and services we thought we could count on aren’t necessarily a sure thing, so items that increase self-reliance will become very popular. Expect to see more homes with sources of energy like solar panels, sources of heat

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Erika Ward’s Brilliant Kitchen Organization Tips

good housekeeping organization chronicles

Maintaining an organized home just makes life easier. When everything is in its place, you can move through your day with ease. Who wouldn’t want that? That’s why we’re taking you inside some of the most organized — and stylish — spaces crafted by some of our favorite design influencers and tastemakers. Get ready to take inspiration from the Organization Chronicles.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when you’re a mom of five, this is even more true. Consider the case of Atlanta-based interior designer Erika Ward, who admits it was imperative for her recent kitchen renovation to be conducive to her active lifestyle, especially now that she and her husband are working more from home.

Ward craved a comfortable yet stylish cooking space that would make it easy to prepare meals but also encourage her kids to assist with the clean-up afterwards (a.k.a. every parent’s dream).

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Florida Condo Lined With Budweiser Cans Sells Above Asking Price



A modest condominium in Lake Worth, Florida, ended up in a bidding war after hitting the market in August. While the neighborhood and the property itself may have attracted some bidders, more people were likely lured in by its one-of-a-kind décor — and the promise of a lifetime supply of Budweiser.

Its owner, Michael Amelotte, spent 16 years covering the 815-square-foot condo with thousands of Budweiser cans before his death earlier this year. Potential buyers clearly appreciated his handiwork: The two-bedroom unit went into contract above its $100,000 asking price earlier this month, according to the New York Post.

Budweiser’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch, caught wind of the listing and offered to perpetually stock the fridge with cold Bud, as long as the new owner doesn’t do away with the beery interior. (And if you’re wondering — the property’s real estate agent said it doesn’t smell like a barroom floor.)

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