How Lyle XOX Transforms Trash Into Extravagant Wearable Art

Spoons, matchsticks, and ballet slippers are just some of the odds and ends that artist Lyle Reimer intricately assembles—and adheres to his face and neck—to create his opulent and genre-bending photographic self-portraits. The Saskatchewan-born artist, who works under the name Lyle XOX, spends hours upon hours cutting, gluing, and shaping various knickknacks, fabrics, and, what would be to anyone else, pieces of trash together and transforming them into couture-like visions.  

“Sometimes my mind doesn’t know what my hands are doing when I’m working,” the artist said of his process. His unique vision has made him an internet sensation with more than 150,000 Instagram followers, a book with Rizzoli, and projects for Gucci and Viktor + Rolf, and even a recent collaboration with FKA Twigs for Dazed. Still, he takes none of his success for granted. Reimer worked for almost two decades as a makeup artist and trainer for MAC

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Emily Ratajkowski shows off her incredible figure in sizzling new collaboration with Nasty Gal

Emily Ratajkowski has teamed up for a second collaboration with top fashion brand Nasty Gal.

The in-demand model stars in a sizzling shoot as the face of the Fall/Winter 2020 campaign.

The US beauty wows in the collection which is full of eye-catching 90s power dressing in bold prints and colours.

Model behaviour: Emily Ratajkowski has teamed up for a second collaboration with top fashion brand Nasty Gal, starring in a sizzling new shoot for the the Fall/Winter 2020 campaign

Emily shows off her incredible figure in a turquoise satin mini dress for a series of shots, flaunting her long legs as she perches on a bathroom sink for the quirky shoot.

The collection is full of racy looks with a mix of cut-outs, sheers and plunging necklines.

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As well as the 90s, it also draws inspiration from the 80s with power shoulders, and

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Stretch your imagination: High Country architects bring clients’ ideas and inspirations to life

The ‘Fly Barn’ is an intimate structure adjacent to the main house, wherein the fly-fishing contingent store their fly rods, vests and drift boat, as well as sit at the bench tying flies and regale each other with fish stories.
Photo courtesy Shepherd Resources Inc.

Everyone has their own ideas about what makes a home truly stand apart from the rest, but sometimes, it takes a little inspiration from others to get those creative juices really flowing. Homeowners curate ideas from all kinds of sources — from magazines to favorite vacation memories — and experienced architects bring those visions to life. Here are several examples of cool home elements to get your motor running.

Lighting it up

Doug DeChant and his associates at Shepherd Resources Inc. believe that light is central to any good design, be it light of the sun, moon or fire.

Whether it’s an indoor fireplace or

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Baby Archie update: Prince Harry’s big plans for Archie’s future | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle became parents for the first time on May 6, 2019, when they welcomed little Archie Harrison. But since the couple left the Royal Family earlier this year, updates on their son have been scarce.

However, the Duke of Sussex gave insight to his plans for Archie.

Young Archie, who is 16-months-old, currently lives in Santa Barbara in the US with his parents.

The family-of-three is happily settling into life in their new home.

In a video call with the Evening Standard to help kick off Black History Month in Britain, Meghan said: “We are doing well. [Archie] is so good.

READ MORE: Why Princess Eugenie’s child could get a title unlike baby Archie

The area offers stunning stretches of coastline, nearby hills and plenty of hiking trails and nature walks.

A source previously told PEOPLE Archie has “space to run free” in the area.


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The best beach cottages in the UK

Gallery: Brabus 800 Adventure XLP (motor1)

If you’re desperate for a holiday, but reluctant to venture too far, find inspiration in this collection of beautiful beach cottages around the UK. With sea and sand views as standard, there’s plenty to restore your faith in the humble staycation.

a sandy beach next to a body of water

© Provided by The Independent

an island in the middle of a body of water: Reach your own private island via a foot-suspension bridgeBoutique Retreats

© Provided by The Independent
Reach your own private island via a foot-suspension bridgeBoutique Retreats

There aren’t too many UK homes (certainly at this price) that are on their own private island, accessible only by footbridge. Sat high above Towan Beach, you get uninterrupted views of the Atlantic and luscious gardens, while the interiors are super chic and include your own private bar. You can choose your own flag and raise it on the pole to let your fellow housemates know dinner is ready without having to go down to the beach to tell them – a nice

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Why Fragrant Living Is the Biggest Men’s Grooming Trend of the Year

From Esquire

There’s an inside joke in Melbourne real estate circles that the key to selling an expensive house in the Australian city is to make sure a bottle of Aesop’s signature hand wash, in its distinctive brown livery, is always in clear view. If a prospective buyer remains unmoved by mid-century furniture, marble kitchen tops and floor-to-ceiling windows, then a sweet-smelling container of vetiver soap in the bathroom will, undoubtedly, seal the deal.

Fancy Australian hand wash and estate agent humour aside — and, yes, both sound like oxymorons — there is an increasing intersection between the worlds of luxury grooming and aspirational interiors, fuelled in part by the coronavirus (lots more time to spend at home… and wash your hands) but also, apparently, a burgeoning desire, among men as much as women, to create a life that is as fragrant and well-groomed as the bodies that live in

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The Costume Designer and Cast of The Boys Talk Super Suits as Stories

Great costuming doesn’t just put cool visuals on screen, it tells a story. A costume tells you so much about a character, and it also informs the performance of the actor wearing it. That’s nowhere more true that with live-action superheroes, where super suits function not just as eye candy, but iconography and character shorthand. Even on a show like The Boys where the supes are getting taken down a notch or seven, their looks are important and a lot goes into creating them. Last week, The Mary Sue spoke with the series’ super costume designer Laura Jean Shannon about designing these looks and the cast that get to wear her creations.

Antony Starr et al. posing for the camera: aya cash as stormfront and antony starr as homelander on the boys. amazong prime video,

© Provided by The Mary Sue
aya cash as stormfront and antony starr as homelander on the boys. amazong prime video,

What goes into designing a super-suit? Especially when the suits tell such a story about each character?

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Study Room: The New Must-Have in City Homes

Design & Interiors

Study Room: The New Must-Have in City Homes


The pandemic has made people rethink their home designs. PHOTO | NMG


  • From home offices, small gardens around the house or on balconies, a courtyard or terrace where one can have breakfast in the morning or just unwind in the afternoons, and in-house gyms to bunkers and fortified landings, Kenyans now want these additions in future homes.

When Covid-19 pandemic confined Kenyans to their homes, a majority started rethinking their small kitchens, tiny balconies, cluttered bedrooms and just the lack of extra space to comfortably work from.

From home offices, small gardens around the house or on balconies, a courtyard or terrace where one can have breakfast in the morning or just unwind in the afternoons, and in-house gyms to bunkers and fortified landings, Kenyans now

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Machine-Washable Rugs Are Perfect for the Kitchen

When some people hear “kitchen rug,” they may react like I would if I heard any mention of wall-to-wall bathroom carpet. But while bathroom carpet is undeniably horrendous, kitchen rugs don’t deserve this treatment. In fact, they’re actually pretty practical when you think about it. They can hide drab-looking tile or laminate, help safeguard wood floors from moisture damage, provide a slip-resistant surface to tread on, and more than anything, make the heart of your home look a little more vibrant.

Not just any rug is a good candidate for the kitchen. Our social media editor Andrew Spena has espoused the virtues of the kitchen rug before and provided some guidance for choosing a good one. First and foremost, it should be a low-pile or flat-weave rug—I probably don’t need to say why a plushy shag or lambskin pelt might be a gross choice for the room where you regularly

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DC Circ. Revives House Bid To Block $8B Border Wall Funding

Law360 (September 25, 2020, 11:39 AM EDT) — The D.C. Circuit revived the U.S. House of Representatives’ lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s diversion of $8.1 billion for the border wall, saying Friday that a sole chamber of Congress can sue to preserve its spending authority.

The U.S. departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Treasury and the Interior had urged the appeals court to preserve a lower court order tossing the case, arguing that the House and Senate shared the power of the purse, and that only the entire Congress could sue over diverted funds.

But a three-judge panel rejected that argument, ruling that the House and Senate each have an…

Stay ahead of the curve

In the legal profession, information is the key to success. You have to know what’s happening with clients, competitors, practice areas, and industries. Law360 provides the intelligence you need to remain an expert and beat the

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