Ginsburg’s impact on women spanned age groups, backgrounds

NEW YORK (AP) — Sure, there were the RBG bobbleheads, the Halloween getups, the lace collars, the workout videos. The “I dissent” T-shirts, the refrigerator magnets, the onesies for babies or costumes for cats. And yes, the face masks, with slogans like: “You can’t spell TRUTH without RUTH.”

But the pop culture status that Ruth Bader Ginsburg found — or rather, that found her — in recent years was just a side show, albeit one that amused her, to the unique and profound impact she had on women’s lives. First as a litigator who fought tenaciously for the courts to recognize equal rights for women, one case at a time, and later as the second woman to sit on the hallowed bench of the Supreme Court, Ginsburg left a legacy of achievement in gender equality that had women of varied ages and backgrounds grasping for words this weekend to describe

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2020 Southern Tier Walk to End Alzheimer’s looks different | WETM

ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM-TV)–The 2020 Southern Tier Walk to End Alzheimer’s will take place on Oct. 17, raising awareness and funds for dementia care, support, and research.

The Walk, which attracted more than 600 participants and raised over $60,000 in 2019, will look different this year. Instead of hosting a large gathering, participants will walk as individuals or in small groups of friends and family on sidewalks, tracks, and trails in their communities across the Southern Tier region. 

A virtual pep rally for participants was held on Sept. 17. Kevin Deihl, volunteer chair of the 2020 Walk to End Alzheimer’s and director of business operations at Horseheads-based Visiting Angels, and Scott Free from WINK 106 FM hosted the inspirational event. Deborah Danko of Elmira shared the story of her father, Jim Lynch of Corning, who is living with dementia. Gail Valentino of Dansville talked about losing her mother Jacqueline Withers, getting

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A Story of Perseverance (Mars 2020 Rover Behind the Scenes Video)

“When you look at the team that put this robot together, and the team that put this launch vehicle together, that’s what they’ve done. They’ve persevered.” Go behind the scenes of our Perseverance Mars rover’s July 30, 2020 launch with NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine. On February 18, 2021, the rover will land in Jezero Crater, Mars, where it will search for signs of ancient life.

Video transcript:

Well here we are at the Kennedy Space Center, literally four days away from launching Perseverance to Mars.

But we’re also gonna have Ingenuity with it. We’re gonna fly a helicopter on another world for the first time in human history.

So many exciting things happening.

And we want you to come with us on this experience, not just for the launch, but for the entire mission, because there is so much discovery ahead of us.

So you can see the launchpad over

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Renovators delight in premium suburb a great opportunity

GRAB a pen and get ready to tick some boxes.

Premium Sandy Bay address? Check. Classic historic architecture? Ready and raring for a renovater’s magical touch? Check and check, again.

This 1930s Californian bungalow is described as “in need of love” and a “renovator’s delight”. And that will sound like a wonderful opportunity for anyone with the skills and the inspiration to get started on a restoration project.

Situated in popular York Street, this gem boasts fantastic street appeal.

Once inside, the appeal and potential is crystal clear. Be it a forever home or with an eye to adding value and selling later on.

The home has Tasmanian oak floorboards waiting to be revealed, high ceilings and a cosy sandstone fireplace, just to name a few of the wonderful characteristics it offers.

On the lower level there is a self-contained flat with one bedroom, a bathroom/laundry, dining area, lounge and

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Steven Harris, Manuel de Santaren, and Rees Roberts + Partners Team Up on a Maine Estate Outbuilding

At an estate in Kennebunkport, Maine, a gravel drive leads to a new boathouse, with an adjoining pool house, both by Steven Harris Architects, with landscaping by Rees Roberts + Partners. Photography by Scott Frances/OTTO.

Boaters zipping by might mistake the slender, weathered-gray building peeking out from a certain waterfront property for one of the age-old boathouses that dot the coast of Maine. That would surely please architect and Interior Design Hall of Fame member Steven Harris. He and his team at Steven Harris Architects studied the vernacular structures along the Atlantic Ocean’s edge in preparation for designing a two-story outbuilding on a Kennebunkport estate that is a boathouse, yes, but also a whole lot more. What becomes clear upon closer inspection is that the simple cedar-shingled structure forms
a T with an adjoining granite-faced, single-story entity that together total 2,800 square feet. The pair serve the client’s two-pronged request:

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New home inspiration: Durham debuts in mid-400’s in Blue Valley, Sundance Ridge shines


Sundance Ridge is Rodrock’s true master-planned community taking shape in Overland Park along 175th St., east of Mission Rd. Stretching across 400 prime acres in southern Johnson County, Sundance Ridge will include three distinctive neighborhoods, 700 homes and a $4-million-plus, top-notch amenities package.

If the past six months of living, working, playing, teaching school, rearranging your pantry, stay-cationing and Netflix binging have you weary of looking at your own four walls, you’re not alone. Online browsing of new homes has skyrocketed — not only was it soothing, according to, it provided aspiration for décor spiff-ups and inspiration for families considering a move.

Ready to make a move.

As Kansas City’s leading residential real estate developer and homebuilder, Rodrock has experienced record website traffic, in keeping with the national trend as people immerse themselves in virtual tours of floor plans, professionally decorated models and available homes.

Today Rodrock

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A farm-fresh take on rural design

It’s harvest time and farmers are busy. Meanwhile, all this talk of people quitting the city for country life may create another potential harvest for rural dwellers and home hunters with a sense of adventure. The Irish countryside is awash with barns and sheds that may no longer be in use but which could deliver cool country homes for those willing to think outside the box.

While such conversions are big business in London’s leafy commuter belt, very few of our indigenous agricultural buildings are being reimagined. It’s true we don’t have the same stock of cut-stone buildings, but take a less sniffy approach and huge potential could be unlocked in simple farm structures located in the middle of gloriously scenic spots.

Grand Designs Farmhouse
Grand Designs Farmhouse

Take Ulster man Kieran McGonigle of architectural practice McGonigle McGrath, whose tractor shed is one such property. Its elegance and sense of place so impressed

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Transformation of a standard semi-detached home in need of modernisation into an incredible interiors masterpiece

Take one well-loved home in need of some modernisation, one creative new owner and years of hard work and the result is a super stylish, unique home worthy of any interior designer.

The house was a standard three bedroom semi-detached property in a popular and leafy north Cardiff suburb that instantly transfixed house hunter Elaine Phillips, originally from Bristol.

She remembers: “The house had a pleasant vibe about it, you can’t explain how or why. It had been taken care of. It wasn’t dark, gloomy, uncomfortable, neglected.

“Obviously it had gone through one period of modernisation I would say and then left, so it was dated and a bit tired and many original features covered up or gone but that was good for me, enough had been left for me to work with.”

And so the transformation began in 2011.

The BEFORE pics of a Cardiff (Rhiwbina) 3 bed semi totally transformed into an incredible home with interiors worthy of Instagram for sale with EA Northwood, £625k
BEFORE: The hall

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Newbury contemporary stands over marsh refuge

37 Newbury Neck Road, Newbury

a large building with a grassy field: 37-newbury-neck-newbury-tower

© Richard Hydren/Nashua Video Tours



Load Error

Style: Contemporary

Year built: Completed in 2005

Square feet: 4,349

Beds: 4

Baths: 2 full, 2 half

Sewer/water: Private

Taxes: $7,907 (2020)

Visionary environmentalist Rachel Carson once wrote effusively about Parker River Wildlife Refuge, including its Great Salt Marsh — some 3,000 acres of grassland and creeks hugging the Atlantic Ocean that is beloved by birds, insects, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and (two-legged) mammals.

“Look carefully out over the marshes and you are sure to be rewarded with some sort of heron, standing motionless in the manner of herons­ — a good camera shot if you have a telescopic lens,” the late author wrote in a 1947 monograph. “There may be an American egret, a great blue heron, more rarely a bittern.”

Carson could well have been writing about the view from the 734-square-foot rear deck spanning

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Brigette Romanek Reveals a Few of Her Decorating Insights on Domino’s Design Time Podcast

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Brigette Romanek, one of Los Angeles’s buzziest new design talents, is entirely self-taught. Yes, you read that correctly. Her first interior project began as a favor to a friend, and, after realizing her true passion lay in telling homes’ stories through carefully curated design, Romanek Design Studio was born. “I often think about when I leave a client’s home and I shut the door, I want them to turn around and be happy in their space,” she explains to Domino’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Romm Perez, on this week’s Design Time. “Your home should come from how you feel and the soul of a place. It should feel yours. You should feel happy there. And if I can help you do that, then I’ve done my job correctly.”

Tune in to this week’s episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts to hear more about the designer’s favorite antiques shop (JF Chen),

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