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This condo is part of Legacy Villas, a 44-acre complex connected to La Quinta Resort and Club, a popular destination for golfers. The resort’s golf course and several others are within a five-minute drive.

The facilities at the complex include 12 pools, 11 hot tubs, children’s splash pads, walking trails and bicycle paths. Many residents are year-round, while others use their units as vacation homes or rental properties. A nearby shopping center, about 10 minutes away by car, has several grocery stores, including a Trader Joe’s, as well as a Target and a number of casual restaurants.

Size: 1,706 square feet

Price per square foot: $249

Indoors: This is an upper-level unit, with outdoor stairs leading from the sidewalk to the front door.

The foyer opens into a carpeted living room with a fireplace and

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TRAVEL: Exploring extra-special Scottish staycations with soul

We are all changing. As the world slowly reopens and we feel more confident socialising and travelling, we find ourselves looking for different experiences, new purposes, new scenery, new memories and sights.

We understand the value of time better and the importance of relying on, and being there for, our neighbours as well as our community. We are renewing our love for the region we live in and for the local businesses that bring us joy and enhance our day-to-day experiences.

With that in mind, I have prepared a special list aiming to introduce you to a few particularly noteworthy places in Scotland where you could experience something a little bit different.

As well as being situated in exceptionally beautiful locations, all these properties have something extra special in common that goes beyond looks: they are family-owned, independently run and share a wholesome, ethical and forward-thinking approach to hospitality. Let’s

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Couples Design Their Own ‘Virtual Babies’ at Dutch Art Exhibit

AMSTERDAM — Couples who want children of their own got a brief taste of parenthood by creating their own “digital babies” during a virtual reality art exhibit in the Netherlands.

Visitors selected the baby’s character traits, physical appearance and other features by answering questions on a computer tablet.

They sat in sofas in a futuristic room with soft lighting and flowing drapes, which was all part of an installation called “IVFX: posthuman parenting in hybrid reality,” created by Dutch visual artist Victorine van Alphen.

“I had lots of deep, personal conversations that inspired me,” Van Alphen said, including with people who wanted to have children but couldn’t, someone who had lost a child and neighbours considering artificial insemination.

“There were lots of beautiful, inspiring conversations, anecdotes and background discussions that formed this strange, futuristic project,” she said. “I kind of gave myself the ‘mission impossible’ to create a presence in

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Profit From the Housing Boom With Lowe’s Stock

a sign in front of a building: LOW stock

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LOW stock

One of the more surprising economic winners of the novel coronavirus economy is housing. Home sales are positively surging as people seek better living situations. Companies levered to this trend, such as Lowe’s (NYSE:LOW) stock, are reaping the rewards.

a sign in front of a building: LOW stock

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LOW stock

You might expect that with record unemployment, people would be worried about making big-ticket purchases. That’s a logical concern anyway. However, it appears that people are simply tired of being cooped up in small apartments.

Lowe’s stock is up 28% year-to-date. That has some investors taking profits. You might be thinking: Surely there are cheaper alternatives to buy that offer more upside?

For nimble traders, that may indeed be the case. However, there’s a lot left in the tank as far as Lowe’s goes as well. Don’t sleep on this one.


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Lowe’s: The Ultimate

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Killavullen all set to celebrate five centuries of tradition

The owner of the Carrigacunna Castle in Killavullen has issued an invitation to members of the local community to join him in celebrating the rich and colourful heritage of the imposing medieval 16th-century tower-house.

ative New Yorker John Landy purchased the Castle and the adjacent stately 18th-century Manor House situated on 50 acres of stunning North Cork countryside next to the River Blackwater in January of last year for a sum he joked was “nobody’s damn business but my own”.

On Saturday, August 29, John was to have welcomed up to 200 members of the local  community to his home estate for an evening to celebrate the 500th anniversary of “this magnificent architectural symbol of our shared history and culture”.

However, the re-introduction of restrictions this week limiting outdoor gatherings to 15 people until further notice has meant the event has now been postponed indefinitely.

“It will take place when

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Nuala McCann: Peter Scott-Morgan’s astonishing story will leave you stunned at his passion for life

FOUR years ago, scientist Peter Scott-Morgan got out of the bath and tried to shake his foot dry. Nothing was happening, he said. It was the first sign that something was wrong.

Peter has motor neurone disease. It crept like a thief in the night through his body, stealing his ability to walk, compromising his ability to eat or to use the toilet.

But Peter Scott-Morgan, the scientist, is a solutions-based man. He is in the mould of the great Stephen Hawking and he has the wheelchair and voice-activated system to match.

Hawking once said that you should always think of what you can do, not what you can’t. Peter Scott-Morgan took that to heart. He is bright and incredibly positive. He has a PhD in robotics and a will to turn the situation around.

Out of all this came Peter: The Human Cyborg – a documentary for Channel 4

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