Prince Harry and Meghan Markle received decor tips from Sir Elton John’s ‘extravagant’ designer

He is the king of Hollywood interior decor, so British-born Martyn Lawrence Bullard was the obvious person for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to consult about redecorating their new Californian home.

The 53-year-old, originally from Bromley in Kent, was introduced to the couple by his long-term client and friend Sir Elton John, whose LA apartment he decorated in a 1970s Boogie Nights-inspired theme.

A friend told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Elton put Harry and Meg in touch with Martyn after they moved to LA. They had a meeting and got on really well. Martyn was really helpful on where they should be house-hunting and what kind of properties.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard, pictured, was introduced to Harry and Meghan by his long-term client and friend Sir Elton John, whose LA apartment he decorated in a 1970s Boogie Nights-inspired theme

‘Some of his interiors are outrageous and over the top, but

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Commentary: Why do we love judging other people’s home renovations?

SINGAPORE: No one told me that finding the perfect house would invite more judgement than finding the perfect spouse. 

Over the last few months, I’ve ramped up my search for the former. I started following a few property accounts on Instagram, created a folder with interior design inspiration for my future home, gotten my brain acquainted with property jargon like “refinancing” and “repricing”, and, yes, begun the actual process of house-hunting. 

But this is not a commentary about the painful nitty-gritty of acquiring my bachelorette’s pad, like getting trauma-inducing bank loans or using “psf” so often that my phone stops correcting it to “pdf”. 

Neither do I know the best advice on how to pick the best property for investment, where to find the most efficient renovation firm or what floor tiles work best for the bathroom.

This is, rather, about my fascination with the unbridled judgement that

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Coquitlam’s Loma development inspired by Maillardville heritage

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The cabinetry is flat-panel high-pressure laminate (HPL).

“The finishes are wood grained as well as a fine velvet finish for the solid colours, which have a soft feel and are reminiscent of a painted door,” says Judd, while the fully integrated and panelled appliances – and the slim cabinet pulls – present a seamless design and give the kitchens a contemporary esthetic.

Artist's renderings of ML Emporio Properties' LOMA development in Coquitlam. For 0905 Westcoast Homes
Loma will have more than 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities. jpg

In the ensuite bathroom, the variety of tile finishes adds a textural element to the space. The eight by 48-inch porcelain tile is in three finishes, polished, natural and rullato (a matte finish incorporating slightly raised features). The different finishes are installed in equal amounts, but in a random order, to create an interesting feature in the space.

The building will have more than 13,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor

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One boldly painted body at a time, a Black D.C. artist is helping women and girls tell their stories

“I am,” she wrote in block letters between the girl’s shoulder blades.

In her next strokes, she surrounded that phrase with words she wanted her daughter to remember: Worthy. Powerful. Beautiful. Black and Proud. Enough.

It was one of the first pieces of body art the Black D.C. artist, who is known simply by her first and middle name to those who follow her work, created. She snapped photos of it and, as she tends to do with her artwork, shared them on her Instagram page.

Months later, that page is now filled with photos of women and girls, their limbs and torsos covered in eye-catching swirls of color and words that describe who they are, and in some cases, what they endured to become that.

Like so many people in the Washington region, Cierra Lynn has experienced different types of loss during the pandemic. She has lost the ability

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John Cleese on how fourth wife ‘frightened the s*** out of me’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

“There is something almost humiliating in filming for a man of my age,” he admits. “You never know when you’ll finish, and you never know what’s going on. It’s like being back at school. Fortunately these are particularly nice people so I don’t mind.” In fairness, aged 80 and one of the world’s most famous performers, as well as being one of four surviving members of the legendary Monty Python team, Cleese has spent more than his share of time kicking around on film sets between takes.

Reminded of the infamously arduous 1975 Python classic The Holy Grail, filmed on location in the wilds of Scotland when he was a mere 35-year-old, he laughs: “We were young, we deserved to suffer. I think we made that film for about £200,000 – that’s not a lot.When the first assistant director shouted ‘Wrap’ there was a rush to the of cars to

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The best horticultural and floral design schools in the UK

John Horsey Horticulture

His defining purpose being to make his students happy, Horsey’s diploma in horticulture and courses in garden history are designed to provide detailed, working knowledge without the stress of examinations, assessments or assignments, but with the emphasis on conservation, sustainability and ecology.

His students are known to return and repeat courses – just for pleasure. John, having mastered the complexities of Zoom, is delighted to discover that even his more mature students appear to have embraced it.

There are still spaces on the garden history course, starting September. John also has an informative (free) YouTube channel which he presents wearing a fetching array of floral shirts, accompanied by that gardening accessory essential, a camera-friendly golden retriever.

The Crafty Gardeners

The Crafty Gardeners offer floristry and garden workshops for busy people with not much time and not enough flowers either in the house or in the garden.

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Get resort style inspiration for your home from these 5 Balinese resorts, Lifestyle News

If you are looking to recreate the relaxing resort style for your home, there’s no better reference point than Balinese resorts. They are the epitome of comfort, hospitality and indulgence. We checked out 5 beautiful villas in the island of Bali to get you inspired.


Recreate the look:

An ocean-inspired colour scheme, like what this beachfront holiday resort went with, is a great choice if you are looking for an easy, breezy vibe to your resort style home. Shades of blues and pale greens are set against a crisp white backdrop and cement screed floors, creating an airy and light ambience.

Curvilinear shapes from the furnishings to the recessed walls to the patterns on the sheets and cushions mimic the flow and rolls of the waves. They create a soft and casual atmosphere, inviting the mood to relax.

But perhaps most impressive is its open bathroom, which features bamboo slates

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Why Context Matters When Designing a Home

The best homes, beneath their furnishings and paint colors and finishes (or, in the best cases, intertwined with them), have an undeniable sense of place. This is something Gil Schafer, the Yale-educated architect behind GP Schafer Architect, understands deeply: Every project he takes on begins with a deep exploration of its history, context, and purpose.

a chair sitting in front of a window: Architect Gil Schafer looks to context,including location, history, and memory, to give the homes he designs a sense of place.

© Eric Piasecki
Architect Gil Schafer looks to context,including location, history, and memory, to give the homes he designs a sense of place.

“Every building you design is going to have a context, and how you respond to that context is going to determine what that building looks and feels like,” says Schafer. But this doesn’t just mean a plot of land on a street surrounded by Tudor homes must house another Tudor home—to Schafer, the study of context goes much deeper than that.

“When we start a project, the very first thing we need

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5 Things to Ignore on a Home Tour

Whether you are house hunting in the suburbs or searching for an apartment in the city, there is an endless supply of information to take in and evaluate before you decide to submit an offer. This includes the listing’s history on the market, information on the property’s physical condition, the lifestyle of the surrounding neighborhood, outlook and strength of the local marketplace, and so much more.

a kitchen with a sink and a window: Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Open Floorplan

© (Getty Images)
Kitchen in New Luxury Home with Open Floorplan

Too often, this information overload can distract a buyer from her primary and most important objectives.

It’s common for even the most focused shoppers to get distracted and forget their main priorities. Unless you’re looking for a fixer-upper, most people want something that is move-in ready, or needs minimal, cosmetic touch-ups like a fresh paint job or updating fixtures.

These buyers often pay too much attention to appearances and secondary issues. Instead, they

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a Grade II listed cottage renovation

a living room filled with furniture and a fireplace: null

© Provided by Real Homes

Stumbling across an enchanting period property, Judy and Stuart Meeke bought their cottage, despite not knowing whether they would be able to overcome a major challenge.

Inspired to tackle your own project? We have masses of ideas and helpful advice on what to do and where to start in our feature on house renovation. For more real home transformations, head to our hub page.

‘Although we adored practically everything about the cottage, it was a little dark,’ says Judy. ‘Stuart and I felt that removing a ground-floor wall would open up the space to create a much lighter and more practical layout.’ 

However, because the cottage is Grade-II listed, the couple weren’t entirely sure whether the planners would allow this structural change. ‘When our offer was accepted, we were definitely keeping everything crossed that they would agree.’

Back in 2015, the couple decided it

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