Bibliophiles looking for an authentic trip back in time are guaranteed to appreciate this charming two-bedroom apartment in Bath, England. © Universal History Archive/Getty Images Brb, going to Bath. Filled with artwork and bohemian décor, this one-of-a-kind Airbnb is a winner on its own. Throw in the tiny detail that […]

Black Interior Designers Network Chances are, you’ve been hearing the term “ally” a lot lately. As the country—and, indeed, the world—sees a new reckoning with systemic racism in the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and more, there’s been an increased movement for non-Black individuals […]

The Goop team found a sympathetic collaborator in the multi­disciplinary firm Rapt Studio. “The first thing we asked was not about square feet or the number of desks. It was about the brand,” recalls Rapt president and creative director Sam Farhang. “We talked to Gwyneth about what Oprah means to […]

Dialling in from a farm in Nebraska, where she is sequestered with her husband and seven-month-old baby boy, the supermodel opens up to close friend Kristen Bell about the “astronomical pain” of her natural childbirth, standing up for racial equality, and why she is not above putting on a full […]

CLOSE Clive Daniel Home recently installed furnishings for Ashton Woods’ Pontevedra VI model home in Marsh Cove at Fiddler’s Creek (Photo: Submitted) Ashton Woods at Fiddler’s Creek Clive Daniel Home, the award-winning interior design firm and furnishings retailer, recently installed the furnishings for national builder Ashton Woods’ Pontevedra VI model home in […]