Cricket’s next challenge? Learning how to light a match. Photo by Michelle Johnson. This isn’t some Meet the Parents gag. You can actually train your cat to do their business in a human toilet. All you need is a cat, a training device, and a global pandemic. By Michelle Johnson •  August […]

“The era of the $200 security camera is over,” according to my colleague Megan Wollerton. Security equipment of all kinds — including detectors, lights, contact sensors and other systems that don’t require professional installation — is getting cheaper all the time. And that means you can keep your house and everything in […]

© Provided by Real Homes null If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, Pinterest or Instagram lately, you’ve probably heard of cottagecore, the bucolic lifestyle that’s sweeping the worlds of interiors and fashion at the moment. If you’re a nostalgic soul that dreams of living on an 1800s farmstead or […]

Disabled young woman and her boyfriend in a cafe. Both about 25 years old, Caucasian people. Dating is a roller coaster. One minute you’re feeling high on life, singing Beyoncé songs in the shower and overflowing with excitement, and the next minute you’re feeling hopeless, confused, and rejected. While dating […]