Image copyright Ena Miller Image caption Jayne sitting in her garden Jayne, Emily and Laura have one thing in common – they all have scars. Aimee, for her part, has flare-ups of psoriasis that can leave her face covered in red patches. But all four have come to feel comfortable […]

To the Editor: Re “Harris Joins Biden Ticket, Achieving a First” (front page, Aug. 12): On July 20, 1984, a Times editorial led with a female political professional’s quote about Geraldine Ferraro becoming the first woman on a major party ticket: “The reaction has been so extraordinary that you have […]

You’ve probably heard of mid-century modern style, farmhouse style, and minimalist style when it comes to decor schemes. But what happens if you want a design aesthetic that combines elements of all of them—and maybe more? Now you’re talking about eclectic style, a bit of a catch-all category to describe […]