Decorating mistakes interior designers see most

a kitchen with a table in a room: Top interior designers share the decorating mistakes they see most and how to overcome them to create your dream home decor

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Top interior designers share the decorating mistakes they see most and how to overcome them to create your dream home decor

Have a vision for your home that never quite pans out? Creative duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, aka 2LG, believe our personality traits can sometimes stand

in the way of the great interior design that makes a dream home – and they’re here to help…

Could it truly be that our homes would look better if we just started thinking differently?That’s what interior designers Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, aka 2LG, believe, claiming it’s our character traits that are standing between us and our dream homes.

The duo, based in south-east London, specialise in consultancy and interior design, and they say that time and again their clients share the same ‘blockers’, which means they find it hard to define a clear aesthetic or are too shy

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Six Top-Rated Cookie Presses That Every Home Baker Needs

Whether you’re making cookies for the holidays or just for a random weeknight, there’s one thing that can simplify the process and cut prep time in half: a cookie press. Often rich, buttery, and totally-crave worthy, cookie-pressed cookies have a reputation as holiday essentials, and while there are many recipes out there for these desserts, there isn’t a lot of advice on which presses you should be using to make them. 

a plate of food on a table: Courtesy of Home Depot

© Provided by Martha Stewart Living
Courtesy of Home Depot

Cookie presses are usually handheld designs that either plunge or press the dough out, using pre-shaped discs to mold the dessert into pristine, precise designs. They’re great accessories for enthusiastic home bakers, and they make great gifts for anyone in your life with a reputation for having a sweet tooth. Along with easing the prep process, cookie presses can be really helpful for people who have arthritis; they can

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Katy Perry Shared an Extremely Candid Post-Birth Selfie & All Moms Will Be Able to Relate

Katy Perry has taken her VMAs “red carpet look” to a whole new level. And no, we’re not talking about glam makeup or a stunning new hairstyle. We’re talking maternity wear and breast pumps.” data-reactid=”28″Katy Perry has taken her VMAs “red carpet look” to a whole new level. And no, we’re not talking about glam makeup or a stunning new hairstyle. We’re talking maternity wear and breast pumps.

Daisy Dove Bloom, she shared the most relatable post-birth selfie on her Instagram Story, making sure to credit the inspiration for her look.” data-reactid=”29″Just five days after the new mom welcomed her daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, she shared the most relatable post-birth selfie on her Instagram Story, making sure to credit the inspiration for her look.

Like every mom right after they’ve given birth, the “Roar” singer, 35, is seen without makeup and with disheveled hair as she

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12 little houses to choose when you have land

Several natural causes have contributed to changes in the size, design and pattern of homes around the world. With the help of new technologies, improvements have been made to make buildings more long-lasting, environment friendly and safe. These advances have opened up many possibilities for homeowners and have been adopted to improve the quality while reducing cost of construction today. If you are about to renovate the house or are thinking of building a new house, consider these designs that can fit different budgets. This idea book has some home design samples composed by our home builders which are being constructed in several small and big cities.

1. Single level elongated design

a house with trees in the background: 1. Single level elongated design

© homify / ezpaze design+build
1. Single level elongated design

This modern style house is made of a blend of light colors, open areas and large terrace. The large size backyard and open patio are distinctive features that

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This School Year, Unleash Your Inner Ms. Frizzle

Valerie Frizzle was the invention of writer Joanna Cole, who passed away this summer of non-Covid-19-related causes, and illustrator Bruce Degen. The two were initially approached by an editor at Scholastic about concocting a humorous and stealthily informative series centered on a science teacher who leads her charges on out-of-the-box field trips. The pair ran with it, basing the project’s unforgettable central character on two of their own teachers: “The Friz,” as Ms. Frizzle’s students affectionately call her, was a blend of Cole’s childhood science teacher, Miss Blair, and Ms. Isaacs, Degen’s geometry teacher at the High School of Music and Art in New York City.

“I was in love with art, not math,” recalled Degen, a Brooklyn native who now lives in Connecticut. “Ms. Isaacs was in love with the concepts of math, and her face would glow with the beauty of the logic. I understood math for the

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‘It Was a Refreshing Experience’

BTS are previewing their new collaboration with Hyundai exclusively via Billboard today (Aug. 31).

Titled “Ioniq: I’m On It,” the band’s latest single coincides with the relaunch of the Korean auto manufacturer’s line of Ioniq electric and hybrid cars. A music video for “Ioniq: I’m On It” is also set to drop this Wednesday (Sept. 2), and will follow BTS’ smash hit “Dynamite,” which they just debuted live at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (Aug 30).

Ahead of the track’s release, the septet sat down to chat about why they love the song’s message, how they personally recharge, what they each do to help the environment and more.

Check out BTS’ complete interview about all things Ioniq and sustainability below.

What are your favorite lyrics from your new song “Ioniq: I’m On It”?

V & Jimin: “What I want is simple/ Riding together rather than

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Each Room In This House Is Inspired By A Different Disney Movie

Disney fans take note, you’ll love this movie-themed home makeover, as each room in this spectacular house is inspired by a different film in the cartoon world.

Self-confessed ‘Disney decorator’ Kelsey Michelle (aka @kelseymichelle85 on Instagram) has taken the Disney theme to a new level – and we love it!

An 'Alice in Wonderland' style powder room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)
An ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style powder room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)

From a welcoming Disney doorstep that hints at what’s to come inside, to the master bedroom decked out like Cinderella’s, Kelsey has transformed her whole house into a fairytale paradise.

And, while a more subtle Mickey Mouse-themed kitchen features on-brand rugs and tea towels, a Little Mermaid bathroom takes the under the sea theme up a notch.

The 'Beauty and the Beast' themed dining room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)
The ‘Beauty and the Beast’ themed dining room (Credit: Instagram/kelseymichelle85)

Taking inspiration from Tangled, Kelsey’s living room is Rapunzel-themed with flag banner. The Instagrammer has also put up a still from the film

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All the highlights from the Vogue Beauty Festival 2020 you need to catch up on

You came, you saw, you followed. The Vogue Beauty Festival 2020, a three day virtual affair hosted on August 28,29 and 30—Vogue India’s first and biggest virtual bash—saw the global beauty community come together on your screens with the most insightful tutorials, masterclasses and conversations. From JLo’s trainer and Jennifer Aniston’s makeup artist to Hrithik Roshan’s nutritionist, the coolest names in the industry were your personal beauty and wellness guides for the weekend. Everyone was invited—the readers, the consumers, the experts, the beauty lovers and the wellness and fitness enthusiasts. 

Plus, there was so much more from our partners—Ajio, Forest Essentials, Her Story,  and Pinterest—and participating brands that included Bath and Body Works, Inglot, Kérastase, Maybelline New York, O3+, Olay, Schwarzkopf Professional, System Professional, Vasansi Jaipur, Wella Professionals and Wow Skin Science. 

If you couldn’t catch your favourite session over the weekend, you can head to Vogue India’s Instagram, Facebook

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Joan Rivers, Lovecraft, Death by Acid Bath: Inside GWAR’s ‘Scumdogs of the Universe’

Revolver has teamed with GWAR for an exclusive white vinyl 2LP edition of the band’s 30th anniversary reissue of Scumdogs of the Universe, limited to just 350 copies worldwide. Order yours before they’re gone!

Pandemic. Natural disaster. Social upheaval. These are conditions one would expect an intergalactic barbarian warlord to revel in.

“It’s pretty much business as usual for us. It looks like GWAR has done their job in the world a little too well. Everything’s on fire,” the band’s vocalist Blothar tells Revolver, before the enthusiasm in his voice wanes ever so slightly. “Good work, humanity. The truth is we can’t claim any of it.”

Bored and unable to tour, the ancient Berserker has even abandoned GWAR’s Antarctic fortress sanctuary as of late, embracing a journey familiar to many an elder human.

“It’s very cold there, in case you haven’t noticed,” he says, “so I swam

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Mom creates a Disney-themed home with every room representing a classic film

One woman has made her home the most magical house on Earth.

Kelsey Hermanson, mom of two and Disney lover in Seattle, has created an entire Disney-themed home with every room based off a different Disney classic.

From a “The Little Mermaid”-inspired bathroom, to a “Wreck-it-Ralph” bedroom for her daughter, a “Beauty and the Beast” dining room for their guests and a beautiful “Cinderella”-themed master bedroom, the results are breathtaking.

PHOTO: This Beauty and the Beast dining room is a magical welcome for guests. (Kelsey Hermanson)

“I grew up in Southern California and we would go to Disneyland all the time and I just love when you go there, you walk through those gates and you’re in a different world. You’re not in reality, you’re somewhere else. And I wanted that in our home,” Hermanson told “Good Morning America.” “I wanted to be able to go into different rooms

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