© 2LG Top interior designers share the decorating mistakes they see most and how to overcome them to create your dream home decor Have a vision for your home that never quite pans out? Creative duo Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, aka 2LG, believe our personality traits can sometimes stand […]

Whether you’re making cookies for the holidays or just for a random weeknight, there’s one thing that can simplify the process and cut prep time in half: a cookie press. Often rich, buttery, and totally-crave worthy, cookie-pressed cookies have a reputation as holiday essentials, and while there are many recipes […]

Several natural causes have contributed to changes in the size, design and pattern of homes around the world. With the help of new technologies, improvements have been made to make buildings more long-lasting, environment friendly and safe. These advances have opened up many possibilities for homeowners and have been adopted […]

Valerie Frizzle was the invention of writer Joanna Cole, who passed away this summer of non-Covid-19-related causes, and illustrator Bruce Degen. The two were initially approached by an editor at Scholastic about concocting a humorous and stealthily informative series centered on a science teacher who leads her charges on out-of-the-box […]

BTS BTS are previewing their new collaboration with Hyundai exclusively via Billboard today (Aug. 31). Titled “Ioniq: I’m On It,” the band’s latest single coincides with the relaunch of the Korean auto manufacturer’s line of Ioniq electric and hybrid cars. A music video for “Ioniq: I’m On It” is also set to drop […]

YouTube Lady Gaga performed her hit single “Rain On Me,” a song recorded Ariana Grande that has been nominated for awards in several different categories. Lady Gaga performed at the 2020 Video Music Awards with Ariana Grande on the pair’s hit “Rain On Me,” as she brought music from her […]

Bath can take another important step towards changing their unwanted status as the perennial under-achievers of the professional era in English rugby. It is early days, but there are signs the West Country club are undergoing a transformation. Despite having considerable wealth and public support and the image of a […]

Who is the next John Lewis? That question quickly became the directive for this Leaders of Change project: Find the hardworking small-town activist, compelling national thought leader, outspoken public figure who is pushing for change — a person with the ability to rise up and lead the nation through the chaos of […]

Steven Spielberg’s 1990s animated series, Animaniacs, mixed high and low-brow humor in a way that appealed to a broad audience. It was, in essence, a cartoon variety show for kids that their parents and guardians could stand to watch, too… one they might even appreciate more than the target demographic. […]