The Ringer Fundraiser for World Central Kitchen

Join The Ringer in raising money for World Central Kitchen.

WCK’s relief team is working across America to safely distribute individually packaged fresh meals in communities that need support—including takeout for children and families and deliveries for seniors who can’t venture outside. They’re now serving tens of thousands of meals daily in New York City, Washington, D.C., Little Rock, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco and other cities.

WCK has also formed #ChefsForAmerica—a coalition of restaurants and tech companies working together to provide meals to Americans who need assistance.

They’re supporting hospital workers who are doing their jobs in wartime-like conditions, as well as local restaurants that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. How are they doing that? By launching initiatives across America to deliver fresh, hot meals to hospitals and clinics fighting on the front lines.

Visit the WCK website to learn about initiatives like Frontline Foods, Off Their

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Lagom Decor Ideas for a Balanced Home

You’ve probably heard the word “lagom” trending if you’re interested in decor, but do you know what it means? This Swedish word refers to a balance in life that every person strives for: at work, home, and even with their decor. Principles of lagom decor in particular are about slowing down and taking your time, waiting to find the perfect piece for every space. It’s about finding balance in your decor so that you come home to a space that makes you feel at peace. By using these tips, you can easily achieve a lagom home in no time.

What does lagom mean?

Lagom, a Swedish word pronounced “lah-gom,” has no direct English equivalent, but loosely translates to mean “not too little and not too much” or “everything in moderation.” Lagom principles are about finding a harmonious existence, be it how much you work, how much water you drink, or

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Nancy Meyers’ kitchen looks just like the ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ set

Nancy Meyers’ kitchen is everything we hoped it would be!

Meyers, the writer and director of beloved rom-coms including “Something’s Gotta Give,” “It’s Complicated” and “Father of the Bride,” just shared a photo of her kitchen, and it looks just as cozy as the famous homes featured in her movies.

“Headquarters,” Meyers captioned the photo of her light and airy cooking space.

Not only is it gorgeous, it’s also basically identical to the kitchen in her 2003 movie “Something’s Gotta Give,” with its luxurious double islands and crisp, white cabinets.

Does this kitchen look familiar?Amazon

Fans on Instagram definitely noticed the resemblance.

“Wow! Did you use your own kitchen for ‘Something’s Gotta Give’?” one person commented on her photo.

“Reminds me of Erica’s kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give💛” another fan

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What Are the Responsibilities of an Interior Designer?

If you have a flair for design and enjoy working with people, interior design may be an ideal career choice. Interior designers use artistic elements to create living and working spaces that meet the needs of various clients. In contrast to an interior decorator, interior designers have specialized education in building codes, environmental sustainability, technological design and other physical design considerations. Interior decorators furnish a space, without advanced knowledge of artistic and mechanical design elements.

Job Description

Residential Design

If you specialize in residential interior design, you will work closely with clients to determine their needs and wants for a specific room, or an entire home. In some cases, you may provide design expertise for a new building project. You may also be called upon to help with a single indoor or outdoor living space. Most design projects involve meeting several times with clients, creating a design and providing furniture

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Interior Painting Costs by Sq Ft & Tips to Save Money

Nationally, the average cost to paint a room ranges from $300 to $900. Of course, this cost varies depending on the size of the room in square feet, materials used, the detail work needed and where you live.

Read the video transcript. 

Interior Painting Costs:

National Minimum Cost $690
National Maximum Cost $1,200
National Average Cost $900
Average Range $300 – $900

>>> Update Your Home: Book an Interior Painter Near You Today

What’s in this Cost Guide?

Prep and Repair Costs

Before you begin a painting project, your professional painter will assess your walls, trim, and ceiling for necessary repairs. The more pre-work that’s done, the better the end result will be. Prep work includes wall patching, sanding to repair previous poorly-layered paint jobs, door trim and baseboard caulking, spackling and more.

If you can tell extensive prep work is needed prior to painting, ask the painter to charge

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Design Home Interiors- Mark Little, interior designer and owner – Design Home Interiors, Mark Little

It sounds so simple decorating with only two colors; however, it tends to be trickier than you think. Here are four easy design tips when creating a monochromatic room.


1. Mixing your whites – All white is not truly ‘white’. There are many different shades of white, so incorporating a few different hues will visually layer in dimension. 


2. Introducing different black materials – By adding in black metals, woods, and accent pieces, this will ground your design and also add a defining separation between the white hues.


3. Introducing another neutral color to soften the overall design – Adding in accents of browns and greens is a perfect way to add interest to your space, yet not take away from a monochromatic
design scheme.


4. Using both black and white colors in a material – Such as throw pillows or window treatments. Finding a material that uses both of

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11 Best Sofa Covers in 2020

Whether your couch is brand-new or decades old, a washable slipcover will help to keep it looking fresh at all times. No reupholstering necessary!

Sofa covers generally come in two designs: They are either made of separate pieces of flexible fabric that completely encase the base of the couch and cushions, or they comprise thick pads of material that simply drape over the seat and stay securely in place with included straps. The latter option is better for temporary purposes (e.g., keeping your sofa stain-free during a kid’s birthday party or while pet-sitting) while the former design is meant for ongoing use.

Easily safeguard your family’s favorite seat from youngsters, muddy paws, and the occasional beverage spill with these 11 top-rated sofa covers.


Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Cover



This best-selling, polyester-spandex sofa cover perfectly form-fits to your couch, by virtue of its stretchy fabric. The material is

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Texas Decor

So it all started with me watching Marie Kondo on Netflix. But then…I watched some of Khloe Kardashian’s organizing videos and BAM! That was it…I was hooked and there was no stopping me. Have y’all watched Khloe’s videos? Or at least the infamous Oreo stacking one? They’re gold! She’s the organizing queen! 

I went through every single cabinet, closet and drawer in the entire house. I filled my car to the brim FOUR times with donations! I cleaned, purged, donated and organized. 

But first, let me say a little something about organizing. Everyone is different and everyone has different needs/wants when it comes to their own home. For example, I LOVE seeing those perfectly organized pantries with all the labeled baskets, bins and jars. It looks so pretty, but…I personally need to SEE what’s in my pantry. My pantry is a place for “browsing” if you know what I mean.

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Tina Marie Interior Design

Tina Marie Interior Design is a boutique interior design firm headquartered in scenic Lake Mary, Florida. We specialize in luxury residential interiors from estate homes and vacation residences to special occasion venues and model home design. We pride ourselves on creativity, style and innovation. As a well-known Orlando Interior Design Firm, our clients are our highest priority; creating a positive experience and a unique design for a variety of projects including, hospitality, restaurants, hotels, high-end residential, model merchandising and luxury model home design.

Our service area spans greater Orlando including: Winter Park, Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Alaqua, College Park, Heathrow, Lake Mary, Celebration, Reunion, Oviedo and Maitland. The design team at Tina Marie Interior Design possesses over 40 years of combined experience in the design industry. Using a collaborative process of design, we approach each project from all angles to ensure customer satisfaction and the best value for you! Our clients

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Interior design – Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Interior designing is a process that can turn interior (inside) spaces into an effective setting (environment) suitable for people’s activities and functions.

An interior designer is a person who creates a solution of any interior space. Also, he works on layout spaces of building and technical issues such as lighting, sounds, and temperature (air ducts).

Important things in interior designing include color balancing (matching colors), understanding how colors affect space and moods, knowledge of fabrics, building and electrical codes, and styles and trends.

These steps are required for an interior designer to do a perfect job.

  • First step the designer must prepare: Feasibility (prospect) studies, space planning, check budget, design idea, finish selections, what the character of furniture is, art is and accessory selection and placement, project management, move management, and bid management.
  • Next the schematic (planning) design step is the following activities: Drawings and sketches (quick drawing) of proposed
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