18 pictures and videos that take you inside Lady Gaga’s sprawling 6 acre home in Malibu

Lady Gaga has made our quarantine lives a tad easier with the hit single Rain On Me, from her latest album Chromatica. Fans are still reeling from her spectacular performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards (VMAs) where she dazzled the audience yet again with her back-to-back outré outfits—nine, to be precise. While she could not perform live for her ‘little monsters’ at the VMAs because of the pandemic, Lady Gaga made sure to send out a strong public service message in Gaga fashion—by performing in a series of eccentric masks that complemented and embellished her costumes.

Despite the roadblocks served up by COVID-19, the Emmy-award winning artist has been keeping busy this year. Apart from launching her new album, Gaga has also been working on a new collection for her vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand, Haus Laboratories. The pandemic hasn’t been able to slow down the global icon, but it did ensure she spends a fair amount of time at home—not the worst thing when you live in a five bedroom, twelve bathroom Malibu mansion that also comes with a two-lane bowling alley, a movie theatre, and a horse stable. The artist’s out-of-the-box aesthetic extends to her home as well, which mixes an earthy country vibe with colourful little accents here and there. Take a tour through the must-see property below.

Check out the entrance of Lady Gaga’s residence

Lady Gaga’s estate takes inspiration from homes originally seen in the South of France. With its high ceilings, exposed beams, and hardwood floors, the musician’s residence is full of inspiration for those who love country homes. The mansion even comes with a wide driveway, accompanied by a quaint walk spruced up with flower bushes. 

Not too far away from the mansion’s entrance sits Gaga’s horse barn, where she can unwind after a long day of work. With its colourful wall-mounted potted plants, lush ivy and cute cane furniture, this section of the Malibu gem offers the star several picturesque corners for at-home shoots and interviews, like Vogue‘s 73 Questions.

Step inside the open living room of the Queen of Pop

Lady Gaga’s living room, which faces her kitchen, is a cosy yet open space to relax in—perfect for enjoying home-cooked meals and barbecues. The grill sits right next to the living room, in the veranda, which is separated from the rest of the home by floor-to-ceiling French doors. The spot offers breathtaking views of the ocean, and brings in tons of natural light. With its neutral interiors and wooden details, the living room exudes an almost farmhouse-like rustic charm. The leather chaise lounge chairs and comfy couches sit opposite a television mounted over an antique fireplace, creating a snug vibe—great for entertaining close friends, which Gaga often does.

Have you been following Lady Gaga’s cooking adventures in her kitchen?

When it comes to what’s on her plate, Lady Gaga is clearly fond of the foods close to her Italian roots. From steak bolognese to homemade ravioli, the singer has been spotted whipping up her favourite dishes in her expansive kitchen over the years. Sitting right next to her living room, this spot reflects Gaga’s love for cooking with its chef-grade appliances, including two massive ovens and what looks like a Wolf range. A limestone kitchen island ties the space together, along with rows of dark ashy green cabinets that complement Gaga’s high-tech steel appliances. The island counter sits adjacent to a wooden dining table right next to another set of French windows that open out to a stunning view.  

Feast your eyes on the Lady Gaga’s pool, which comes with a view of Zuma Beach

Is there any breakfast venue prettier than the poolside? Lady Gaga sure doesn’t think so. The star’s at-home pool comes surrounded by a vast green landscape, and one can often spot her enjoying a meal on one of her many deck chairs here. How did she give this serene spot a fun Gaga spin? By having the lounge chairs upholstered in hot pink fabric, of course. 

Lady Gaga’s mansion includes a special corner for her musical projects

Along with several bedrooms and a stable, Lady Gaga’s mansion also features a dedicated space for her to work on her music. A pristine white piano seems to follow Gaga from one part of the house to the other, and can be spotted in different settings on her Instagram page. One particular room also has a special set of white shelves dedicated to her collection of hard-earned Grammy awards. How many can count?

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