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World To Home: Bringing the World’s Luxury Home Decor to your Doorstep. offers a wide variety of Unique Home Decor Accessories & Luxury Home Decoration Accents, such as mova globe, lighted branches, antique phones, and antique record players. On the left please search or explore the product categories, or navigate to the unique featured items below. Feel free to Contact Us if you have any inquiries.

Featured Products:

Mova Globe
Amazing solar powered rotating globes world earth map that are
animated by spinning with any light source, no batteries or power required!

Vintage Record Players
Modern record players are a great way to play your favorite vinyls from the good ol’ days with a new and improved music system. Our Crosley record players are the perfect fit for any record lover, or try our portable record players for music on-the-go.
Marble Bookends
Libraries have always been a way to display your collection of books with pride, and decorative bookends give you a way to add a little flare and personal touch to your bookshelf. Many book collections are prized and precious, and having the right marble, animal, globe, or professional bookends will ensure your books are taken care of properly.Antique Retro Telephones
World To Home is the source for antique reproduction telephones & old phones for sale, specifically engineered to be just like the originals from the early 1900’s. We have a wide selection including antique wooden telephones, brass phones, antique candlestick phones, princess phones, Crosley phones, classic american old phones for sale and more.
Unique Chess Products
Chess is an ancient game of skill and cunning, and no respectable chess master would be complete without his or her own quality chess board. Alabaster, gold, marble, pewter, and even more materials are available to peruse when deciding what kind of chess game board to choose from.Hansa Stuffed Animals
The subtle coloring on the stuffed animals is hand painted or airbrushed by specially trained artisans. Each animal is hand finished with loving detail to give them the life-like look yet sweet face and cuddly feel that is unmistakable.

Wooden Model Ships
Intricate wooden model ships have long been a sign of prestige and grandeur, don’t pass on the opportunity to own one for yourself! These classic model ships come in a huge variety of ship designs, ranging from old-fashioned galleons to modern cruise ships.    

Hand-Blown Molten Glass Vases
These molten vases are one-of-a-kind. Hand-blown to match unique teak wood roots, each artistic vase is a truly unique piece of home decor.

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