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 Updated February 1, 2019

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Sometimes an idea or information can have a profound effect on outlook and results!

Get ready for a shocking fact not readily admitted by most “sales experts”:
Some prospects can not be “sold” or compelled to take an action!

This means that no matter how much time, effort, gasoline is used, some people will never “buy”.
There are many reasons for this covered elsewhere, suffice to say that in current history there are many examples where the greatest minds in the world can not reach an understanding; in many cases despite common culture and language. 

As a Home Improvement Sales Manager it’s your job to stress the positive aspects of this work, allowing the sales reps to maximize each selling opportunity.

If your company is not reaching the goals needed to thrive, the methods taught here are time tested while dynamic, meaning immediate, assured, positive results!

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 Tommy Steele,”America’s Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson”, creator of this website and others including www.homeimprovementsalestraining.com



Welcome to  Home Improvement Sales Manager.com
Ready to help YOU with all aspects of HOME IMPROVEMEMT sales management!

Tommy Steele "America's Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson"
Tommy Steele “America’s Favorite Home Improvement Salesperson”

How do you plan the “Selling Day”?
As Home Improvement Sales Managers we want to maximize the efforts of the sales team and generate the maximum return on this investment from these efforts. The goal is to sell home improvements. This is done by generating leads, setting qualified appointments and selling the home improvement job. While this may seem obvious, consider the other factors that can effect the normal process. A typical weekday schedule would have appointments (depending on local traffic patterns) from 10 AM until 8 PM. Since many homeowners are occupied during the day, most “prime time” selling opportunities would occur between 6 PMto 8PM. This poses a dilemma to a sales manager because scheduling a rep to cover a 10 AM appointment and an evening appointment can lead to some off time between appointments. Yes, a rep could drop door hangers in an effort to self generate leads, however proper scheduling can make the most of the of the appointment when the rep arrives fresh and prepared. Sometimes running a rep on a questionable morning or daytime lead can detract from the most important task which is concentrating on selling the evening apointment. Any trained, skilled professional thrives best on an established schedule. When watching a horse race, how long do the horses stay in the starting gate before the race starts? The answer is the shortest amount of time possible. Ideally the sales rep should be doing one thing, selling home improvements; not waiting around for hours between appointments.

Attention Home Improvement Sales Managers!

Make sure your company is not subject a $32,000 fine, indefinitely.
Sell a window job? If a house was built before 1978 you MUST have proof that you gave the homeowner the EPA “lead paint” brochure!
Fortunately you can get it when you click on the link below!

EPA “Lead Paint” brochure
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Have you ever wondered how to find salespeople? Who you should hire? How to  compensate a home improvement salesperson? How to motivate your team?

You will find the answer HERE!

Of course, we all face issues unique to our industry: estimating, training, and planning.Selling a higher voulme of home improvements is a task that is accomplished through effective sales managament. Some new exciting news about home improvement sales management techniques and training is here!

Weekly Sales Meeting? Regional or National Sales Conference? Make plans now to invite the experts at Home Improvement Sales Manager.com to energize, enlighten, entertain and empower your team with proven sales management and marketing strategies that work!

Each week or even every day your sales management skills and sales results can be reviewed and improved! It’s easy and best of all it’s online at your leisure 24/7/365!

  Home Improvement Sales Manager.com

Your source for Sales Management, Sales Training and profitable business strategies for the Remodeling Professional. The same Sales Management skills known to the TOP Remodeling Contractors are now available to YOU!

Remember the basic closing skills essential to the

 in-home sales professional?

How long has it been since YOU , the Home Improvement Sales Manager ran a lead?

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“If you can’t close, you can’t sell” 

Warning! Do NOT Let This Happen To YOU!
Increase sales by ruining your established sales force??? Of course not, at least not deliberately.
Yet consider the implications of a $200,000 month with 2 sales reps with equal volume. Then add ANOTHER sales rep and the results do not yeild prosperity for the folks who have been producing.
The ramifications of this course of action are indeed omnimous. It is dangerous because this may not be apparent until it’s too late. While the bottom line may be unchanged because $200,000 is $200,000 regardless of how “thin” it’s spread over the sales team, the implications are omnimous indeed. A 33% paycut  to a proven sales rep has not been proven to enhance long term sales growth! Would you rather have 2  “All-Stars” OR 4  “Minor Leaguers”? On your PRO Team?
Can you afford to experience dangerous, unneccessary lessons? A functioning Sales Team can not live with such experimentation. In the real world real results really matter.


Too many sales reps or not enough leads? Part One

Too many sales reps or not enough leads? Part Two

Too many sales reps or not enough leads? Part Three

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