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Share what’s cookin’ in your quarantine kitchen

People are cooking at home more than ever due to the current stay-at-home orders.

Slingshot, or S-Concierge, a white-glove concierge team who partnered with AT&T for a personalized approach to providing home entertainment and cellular phone needs, is offering a nationwide give-back contest for the month of April, inspired by the effects of COVID-19.

To enter, individuals get creative and film a short 1- to 2- minute video, making their favorite quarantine recipe. Closing date is April 30, when 10 winners will be chosen to win $500 based on the following criteria: creativity, tastefulness and the ability of the S-Concierge team to recreate the recipes.

The contest was initially conceived with the idea that many of those affected right now are hospitality and service industry professionals. So, are you a bartender shaking up some new cocktail concoctions? Or perhaps you just finally have

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UNIX is the kitchen of the software chef

One of my favorite books on cooking is Alice Waters’s “The Art of Simple Food”. In it, there is a section where she describes the necessary equipment for a kitchen that produces resoundingly good food.

This is one of my favorite paragraphs from the book, because it reminds me of software and my philosophy toward software creation.

She opens with:

I am a minimalist in the equipment department.

UNIX is the minimal software development environment. Over time, people have created lots of alternative environments, IDEs (Eclipse), meta-IDEs (JetBrains MPS), and neo-IDEs (Lighttable).

But about 4 decades ago, operating under a set of severe hardware constraints, some of the world’s greatest computer scientists and engineers created a minimal, but highly functional, environment: UNIX.

I don’t like a lot of gadgets and I don’t like cluttering up the kitchen with things I rarely use. My friends tease me and call me a

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Celebrity chef expands meals handouts to stadium complex

BALTIMORE (AP) — Celebrity chef Jose Andres is expanding his humanitarian efforts to feed Baltimore residents during the coronavirus pandemic, with plans to hand out thousands of meals each week near the homes of the Orioles and Ravens.

The Baltimore Sun reports that Andres’ nonprofit, World Central Kitchen, plans to hand out between 10,000 and 20,000 packaged meals every Saturday at the Camden Yards stadium complex.

The Salvation Army also is using the facility to deliver thousands of meals per day to seniors. World Central Kitchen has been negotiating for weeks with the Maryland Stadium Authority and Gov. Larry Hogan’s office to use the Camden Yard complex.

“This certainly isn’t how we planned to be using Camden Yards right now, but at the very least, we can use the space to help families in need during this crisis,” the Republican governor said in a statement Thursday.

World Central Kitchen recently

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Constant Running Kitchen Tap, Tap Replacement & Earthing

1. The tap will leak because one or both the ceramic 1/4 turn cartridge (hot and / or cold) have partly failed and is / are letting water pass through when closed.
2. If the tap also leaks from the swivel point of the spout, the seals between spout and body have failed.
3. As ShaunCorbs says, multiple faults point to tap replacement.
4. As ShaunCorbs also says, it’s not a straightforward job and you might be well advised to get a plumber to do it. The point where the hot connects isn’t obvious and might require taking the back of the cupboard out. The new tap may well have flexi connections, which would require the existing rigid pipework to be extended. Minimum 1 hour, maximum probably 3 hours, so say 2 hours. Depending where you are in the country could be anything from £40 to £300 for labour (plus

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Stewarts Mobile Concepts – Mobile Kitchens and Support Equipment

Mobile Kitchensimg_shadow


Whether you need a mobile kitchen for VIP corporate events, product promotions, military exercises, or an upcoming concert tour. Look to Stewart’s Mobile Concepts to cover all your temporary equipment needs.



Call Toll Free (800) 919-9261

Mobile Kitchen Trailerimg_shadow


We specialize in providing the best temporary kitchen solutions to Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, and companies who need to take care of their patients, students, employees, and guests during these transitioning times.



Call Toll Free (800) 919-9261

Kitchen Emergencyimg_shadow


When a Hurricane, Tornado, Fire, or Flood strikes. Contact Stewart’s Mobile Concepts to handle all your support equipment needs. From portable kitchens to bulk refrigeration and freezer storage, temporary dining facilities, and generators. We have units available for immediate delivery from coast to coast!

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2020 Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator

Table of Contents

  1. Where Will Your Kitchen Budget Go?
  2. Small Kitchen Remodel
  3. Mid-Range Kitchen Remodel
  4. High-End Kitchen Remodel
  5. Kitchen Remodel Cost Factors
  6. Common Kitchen Projects
    1. Countertops
    2. Cabinets
    3. Flooring
    4. Appliances
    5. Plumbing
    6. Gas lines
    7. Electrical
  7. How To Save Money On Your Kitchen Remodel
  8. DIY Kitchen Projects
  9. Final Questions to Ask Before Kitchen Remodel
  10. Kitchen Inspiration
  11. Find A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most effective ways to raise the overall value of a home before selling or give your home a face-lift. The cost of remodeling a kitchen can vary widely depending on the size and scope of your project, with the national average coming in around $17,000, with most homeowners spending between $12,000 and $21,000. This guide can help estimate your costs and give you a starting point for various upgrades and services.

Once you’ve gathered all that information, ImproveNet can connect you with up to

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Kitchen Sinks from Sinkology | Drop-In, Undermount, Copper, & Fireclay

Sinkology Copper, Fireclay and Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

At Sinkology, we understand that life is busy. From the hot cup of coffee that starts your morning to the dishes you rinse after dinner, your kitchen sink is an important anchor to your day. Sinkology copper, fireclay, and stainless steel sinks make it easy to fall in love with your kitchen again.

Sinkology kitchen sinks are handcrafted for functionality and beauty. Our eye-catching and unique copper sinks are a bold centerpiece to your kitchen. The Sinkology INSPIRED fireclay farmhouse sinks blend the unbeatable durability of fireclay material with the timeless charm of an apron-front kitchen sink. Our FORTIFY collection of crafted stainless steel sinks offers modern styles in a traditional material that are equally striking as functional.

Sinkology copper, fireclay, and stainless steel kitchen sinks are designed to be easy to maintain and last for decades. We believe in the quality

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What It’s Like to Work in a Kitchen – Restaurant Back of the House

Dan Gentile/Thrillist

A healthy restaurant ecosystem has many components: a charming front-of-house team, cunning managers, and a motley crew of underpaid misfits that are actually cooking your food.

Unless you’ve worked in a kitchen, it’s hard to understand the chaotic dance of a dinner rush. Coded language, constant personality clashes, and thick-as-blood camaraderie are side dishes to every entree you’ve ever ordered.

To turn the world of cooks into an open kitchen, we asked back-of-house staff from around the country to enlighten us on some of the things that they’re always having to explain to their friends who they only get to hang out with on Monday nights.

Dan Gentile/Thrillist

Salt and butter are everywhere

But always unsalted butter. Also, half-sticks of butter look downright cutesy compared to 1lb blocks.

Cooks don’t get tipped out

If you’re going by the book, it’s illegal to force employees to pool tips for

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Design & Build Your Dream New Kitchen With Kaboodle Australia

Get the designer look, without the designer price tag

Open white kitchen with island bench and butlers pantry and laundry

Kitchen renovations and remodels often get a bad rap, boasting high price tags, unexpected costs and ridiculous timelines. At kaboodle, we believe every Australian home deserves a perfect kitchen, which is why we’ve developed a DIY friendly range focused on design, quality, style and functionality. You can design your kitchen with our 3D kitchen planner and save heaps in the process by doing it all yourself!

Our wide range of cabinetry, benchtops, splashbacks, kitchen handles and hardware as well as functional storage accessories are based on the latest trends from around the globe, giving you a huge choice for your kitchen renovation. You can create your dream kitchen design by mixing and matching our modular and cut to measure products to achieve that perfect fit in your kitchen space.

From expert advice and inspiration for your kitchen or laundry design, through

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Home Page – The Garden Kitchen The Garden Kitchen

3/30/20 update: For the time being The Garden Kitchen is closed. The current plan is to resume in person activities August 1st. In the meantime, if you need anything please send us a note at Also be sure to visit us on social media to check out our #HealthyTogether campaign!

Welcome to The Garden Kitchen

The Garden Kitchen offers seed-to-table gardening and cooking education, nutrition education, and physical activity opportunities.  We work with community members as well as organizations and governments to deliver this programming throughout Pima County.


As a seed-to-table program, our aim to increase families’ food security, the availability of healthy foods, and opportunities for physical activity.  We want families learn about every step of bringing a healthy meal to the kitchen table — from growing and purchasing foods on a budget, to accessing their local farmers market, how to store foods to preserve their freshness, and

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