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Buyers’ Guide to Bathroom Sinks

Bathroom sinks are generally categorized by their fitting method. Wall hung types are easily understood, and pedestal sinks are most commonly seen. Perhaps a little more unusual are countertop sinks and semi-recessed sinks which are mounted on, or halfway on, a vanity unit, shelf or purpose-built housing, giving a combination of style and storage. Inset basins are fully recessed into a housing unit. 

Types of Bathroom Sink

Wall Hung Bathroom Sinks  

image example of a wall hung bathroom sink

A wall hung sink has no pedestal or stand, and so can free up floor space to make cleaning more straightforward, and to give the sense of more space in room. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes. 

Just about any wall can have a sink attached, if best quality wall fittings are used for strength and security. Install with a wall hung toilet to maximise the spacious feel and the contemporary look. 

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks  

image example of a pedestal bathroom sink

Pedestal sinks are a classic bathroom shape and can be found in a variety of sizes and styles, both traditional and modern. The pedestal offers support for the basin and hides the pipework. 

Corner Basins  

image example of a corner basin

A corner sink can be a focal point in a design-led bathroom, as they are a little unusual. To make use of otherwise wasted space in a small bathroom, a corner sink is a good option. Often compact in size, they can be wall hung, pedestal style, with matching toilets.

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Countertop Bathroom Sinks  

image example of a countertop bathroom sink

A chic bathroom focal point, counter top sink basins sit on the surface of a suitable vanity unit, shelf or cupboard. 

People that enjoy customizable eye-catching style will appreciate the look and flexibility they offer. Not only is there a wide selection of sink shapes, sizes, materials and styles, further showcase your taste in the choice of work top or unit which the basin will sit on. For example, team up a natural stone sink basin with the beautiful grain of a wood unit to cultivate a modern spa feel. 

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Semi-Recessed Basins 

example image of a semi recessed basin

Blending practicality with sleek looks, a semi-recessed sink sits halfway into a vanity unit or cupboard. The fact that it protrudes means it’s easier to use, as it’s more approachable, whilst there is still the option of storage in the unit below.

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Inset Basins 

image example of an inset basin

An inset sink looks fabulous and has the advantage of allowing for more adjoining worktop or counter space and storage area underneath. They are perfect for a clean crisp minimalist bathroom design. 

As they require some sort of unit or cupboard to be inset into, this set up usually requires a little more room than other basin types. 

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Traditional Basins 

image example of a traditional style basin

If you have a period property, a traditional bathroom basin can enhance it’s timeless feel. Copied from elegant past examples, the modern interpretations of classic designs are also high quality and practical. They can be wall hung, pedestal style, semi recessed, inset or mounted on a matching washstand. 

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Cloakroom Basins

image example of a cloakroom basin

Furnishing an en suite, cloakroom or smaller bathroom doesn’t mean compromising, as manufacturers now make many amazing bathroom sinks in every style especially for these locations. Some are narrower but protrude the same distance from the wall, meaning they are just as comfortable to use as larger sized sink units. Or alternatively, some cloakroom basins are long yet reduced in depth, so they fit neatly against a wall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the standard size of a bathroom sink?

The standard size of a bathroom sink (i.e. those for “normal” sized bathrooms) is 550mm width. The standard width for cloakroom basins is 450mm.

What’s the best material for a bathroom sink?

Porcelain and ceramic are the most common material for a bathroom sink, and they both have a good texture and finish, excellent durability and styling, plus are easy to keep clean. However, they can be susceptible to chipping if something heavy is dropped. Stainless steel and other metals such as copper and bronze offer great germ resistance and gorgeous aesthetics but can suffer from water and mineral marking if not cared for sufficiently. 


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