Day: May 1, 2020

California Interior Design | Interior Designer Requirements

FAQ IDEX® California Exam

Q: When is the IDEX® California exam be given?

A: The IDEX® California examination will be given for a month in the Spring (May 1 – 31) and for a month in the Fall (October 1 – 31).

Q. What is cost to take the IDEX® California exam?

A: The cost to take the IDEX® California is $600 for Path 2 and Path 2; and $500 for Path 3 and Path 4. International candidates fee is $800.

Q: What if I failed the IDEX® California? What is my cost to retake it, and when is my registration deadline for the next exam?

A: For those who already took the IDEX® California and failed, their deadline to register is the next exam’s scheduled  deadline ‘to get in all paperwork’ (as you already have an application and file with CCIDC). The cost is $450.00  to

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Rapid snow melt causes minor flooding across the Interior

ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – Warm daytime temperatures have caused rapid snow melting this week across much of the Interior which is creating minor flooding.

Full culverts and ditches are causing water to back up and flooding low-lying areas, including roads and some driveways. Places experiencing minor flooding should expect to see the water to remain high through the weekend.

Colder overnight temperatures through next week will slow the speed of the snow melt and reduce the flow of water into these low-lying areas.

The list below is current as of 12:30 Friday. Flooding may be occurring in other locations.

  • Delta Junction Area: Keaster Road flooded and closed. At least seven other roads have an inch or more of water. Use caution.
  • Dalton Highway: Milepost 6 is down to one lane due to a plugged culvert.
  • Elliott Highway west of Livengood: Minor flooding, difficult travel due to soft road surface.
  • Steese Highway:
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Newdecor 3D Wall Arts & 3Dpanels



  • Lounge c-blossom-w50
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  • Showroom s-windmill-A
    More in gallery
  • Expo s-windmill-B
    More in gallery
  • Boardroom c-speiz-e
    More in gallery
  • Shop c-burgen-a-j03
    More in gallery
  • Shop C-blossom-j01
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  • P-burgen-B
    More in gallery
  • Foyer c-sisal-w50
    More in gallery

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Home Renovations Basics | Millionacres

When you renovate or upgrade your home, there are a few things to consider before deciding the best way to spend your renovation dollars. For example, will the project make your home more functional or an overall better place to live? If you have four bedrooms and one bathroom, adding a second bathroom might tremendously improve the general living conditions of your home.

There’s also the consideration of keeping everything in a good state of repair and replacing worn-out components of your home. A roof replacement won’t necessarily improve the functionality of your home (unless the old one is falling apart), but it can give you the peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about leaks anytime soon.

Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of cost versus value added. Many popular home renovation projects are expensive. The National Association of Realtors estimates that:

  • the average complete
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Discount Candles – Votive Candles In Bulk From Dollar General

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Kelly Ripa gives son Michael Consuelos a haircut with kitchen scissors on ‘Live’ show

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Coronavirus quarantine has forced people to get creative while sheltering at home.

Kelly Ripa took matters into her own hands – literally – on her “Live” show Thursday morning and attempted to cut her 22-year-old son, Michael Consuelos’, hair on the air.

The 49-year-old got hair-styling tips from barber Xavier Cruz, the founder of Barba Men’s Grooming Boutique in New York City.


“I have scissors. Kitchen scissors,” she revealed.

Co-host Ryan Seacrest also complained about his out-of-control locks saying he looked like Wolverine. “I could watch Ryan’s hair explode on the sides all day long,” Ripa said. “It’s kind of fascinating to watch.”


Earlier this week, Ripa found her 45-year-old

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Interior IDs – Gta sa-mp resources site

All images are Copyright 2009-2013 Darryn McTavish. Authorised use only.

Some quick points to consider.

24/7s: they are all the same design, just different shapes.
Tattoo parlours: All the same
Secret valley diner: No solid areas unfortunatly
Police Depts, crack factory, casino basement, meat factory, jefferson motel, planning dept, area51 and Liberty city are much larger areas than shown. All great fun to explore.

Most interiors are buggy and have non-solid floors, so check them out before using any. I may add a new column to say if its a complete interior or not.

Name ID X,Y,Z Preview 24/7 1 17 -25.884498,-185.868988,1003.546875 247.jpg 24/7 2 10 6.091179,-29.271898,1003.549438 247-2.jpg 24/7 3 18 -30.946699,-89.609596,1003.546875 247.jpg 24/7 4 16 -25.132598,-139.066986,1003.546875 247-2.jpg 24/7 5 4 -27.312299,-29.277599,1003.557250 247.jpg 24/7 6 6 -26.691598,-55.714897,1003.546875 247-2.jpg Airport ticket desk 14 -1827.147338,7.207417,1061.143554 Checkindesk.jpg Airport baggage reclaim 14 -1861.936889,54.908092,1061.143554 Baggageclaim.jpg Shamal 1 1.808619,32.384357,1199.593750 Shamal.jpg Andromada 9 315.745086,984.969299,1958.919067 Andromada.jpg Ammunation 1 1 286.148986,-40.644397,1001.515625 Amu1.jpg Ammunation 2 4 286.800994,-82.547599,1001.515625 Amu2.jpg Ammunation 3 6 296.919982,-108.071998,1001.515625
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Michelle Duggar “Body Safety” Rules Revealed: Lock That Bathroom Door!

Ever since Josh Duggar was caught preying upon his sisters, Michelle and Jim Bob have doubled down on “body safety.”

Even in their own home, they had been vigilant about preventing their kids from having alone time with their peers.

From Duggar homeschooling to courtship rules, everything was designed to keep kids “safe” from perceived danger.

Or, well, normal teenage milestones.

As you can imagine, this rigorous system required some serious effort to enforce – even before Josh took it up 10 notches.

Below, Michelle talks about how she now walks her daughters through puberty and the “body safety” rules she enforces.

The Duggars have some unconventional views

The Duggars have some unconventional views

Michelle has spoken about her family’s fringe fundamentalist views about sexuality, gender, clothing, and more in the past. It is always an eye-opening read, to say the least.

This time, Jessa was the interviewer

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Decor Rental – Events Furniture



Welcome to Décor Rental. 

Décor Rental

is more than an Event & Décor Furniture Rental company. We are a designing firm that offers lounge furniture for custom weddings, conferences, night club venues, reception décor, exhibitions & corporate events made to the highest quality by our in-house team. 

From lavish contemporary to sleek modern and vintage designs to the standard essentials, Décor Furniture Rental provides a wide variety of furniture rentals and accessories to match your personal needs, style and budget for each and every occasion.
Whether you are creating an expensive look and feel for an occasion, Décor
Rental Furniture Hire
 customizes Furniture Rental packages that combine impeccable style with affordable pricing and top customer service. We’re also happy to create custom-fabricated pieces for a specific event on clients request.

We at Décor Rental Events Hire are suppliers to the Events, Décor and Theme Wedding Companies in South Africa.

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