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RL Remodeling, Inc. – The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Remodeling your kitchen sure is a big deal! That isn’t something that you should approach rashly. Hence, before you go and meet with a professional or visit a showroom, you should be knowledgeable of it first. You need to get some advice from a reliable remodeling company like RL Remodeling, Inc.

Does RL Remodeling, Inc. Accept Kitchen Remodeling?

RL Remodeling, Inc. has the capacity to design and create your dream kitchen, doing their best to incorporate all of the latest trends & styles while ensuring the whole process is done smoothly and finishing in a timely way.

Whether you want to remodel your kitchen completely, or just want to enhance something, RL Remodeling, Inc. can surely be a great help. Both the Designer and Project Manager will work on the 3D design allowing you to have a much clearer view of

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The conditions in the winter may have taken a toll on your house. You may not have had shingles in the yard or some water leaks in the building, but…

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Many people live exceptionally busy lives and have to do everything in tight schedules, and also clean their home. The vacuum cleaner is one of the finest tools we will…

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Window makers have developed many strategies to hold the heat inside throughout the winter and outdoors throughout the summer. They also add R-values, U-values, insulation, and glazing to build the…

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General-purpose LED bulbs are available in a range of types, sizes, and strengths to light the home or workplace to suit different needs. Although LED lamps are more energy efficient,…

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The garage door fix is a growing issue for all people with an automobile or any other vehicle.

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Interior | Spanish to English Translation

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Top 10 Materials for Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen Layout Templates: 6 Different Designs

The traditional work triangle that separates the sink, range and refrigerator has evolved into a more practical “work zone” concept.

“We have gone from the traditional kitchen, where one person prepared meals to a multi-purpose room and a multiple-cook room, and this evolution has changed us from looking at one work triangle to multiple triangles, or ‘zones,'” says Mary Jo Peterson, principal, Mary Jo Peterson Inc. “With that in mind, we have to increase clearances and look at adding comfortable spaces in the kitchen.”

Still, these tried-and-true kitchen layouts still apply to today’s lifestyles—with modifications.

One-wall. Originally called the “Pullman kitchen,” the one-wall kitchen layout is generally found in studio or loft spaces because it’s the ultimate space saver. Cabinets and appliances are fixed on a single wall. Most modern designs also include an island, which evolves the space into a sort of Galley style with a walk-through corridor. Download

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Historic Period Interior Design and Home Decor

Names to Know in Federal Design and Decor 


Thomas Jefferson (1743

The third President of the young United States of America was passionate about classical architecture and ideals. He designed Monticello, his home, as well as The University of Virginia and the Virginia State Capitol to represent both the look and philosophy of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Jefferson was strongly influenced by Robert Adam, Thomas Chippendale, Thomas Sheraton, and George Hepplewhite.

Portrait of Robert Adam
attributed to George Willison

Robert Adam (1728 – 1792)
Adam was a Scottish architect whose revolutionary neoclassical style was extremely influential in England and America. It was the dominant style from the late 1700s through the mid-1800s in both countries.

Duncan Phyfe (1768 – 1854) 

was a Scottish-American furniture maker who emmigrated to the United States in 1784. His New York “manufactury” (shown below) lasted through the 1840s.

In later years

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28 Inspiring Makeover Designs for Your Bathroom

Starting the day with fun things is a good first step to do. Surrounded by positive energy, you will live your day with a happier mood. It can be established by building a supportive home atmosphere.

The most common thing to do after waking up is to go to the bathroom. But what happens if bad vibes overtake because of your boring bathroom design? That means you need to pay close attention to the bathroom makeover ideas that we have prepared!

Bring Retro Back

Who says bathrooms aren’t suitable for an antique look? Try installing classic tubs and old-fashioned wall sconces and feel the glow of luxury pampering you while you are doing activities in the bathroom.

Bathroom makeover decorating ideas will produce an antique look when applying classic items inside. For example using a classic tub and wall scone lights that have a gold color.

Image Source

Antique look
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IKEA Brings Kitchen Design to Virtual Reality

IKEA has turned remodeling your kitchen into an HTC Vive VR game.

The Swedish furniture giant has launched a virtual reality app called the IKEA VR experience, just in time as the first HTC Vive headsets begin shipping today.

The pilot app which is available on Steam VR and built using Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games, lets Vive headset owners design their own virtual Ikea kitchen that is true to size. Once inside the app, you can explore one of three differently-styled kitchen room settings and change the color of cabinets and drawers with a click.


Change the color of cabinets.

Another feature is the ability to view the VR kitchen from different perspectives by either shrinking or stretching yourself to move around the kitchen at the size of a 3.3 foot-tall child or a 6.4 foot-tall adult. This could be a very useful feature, allowing you to walk

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New Interior Images Revealed as Studio Gang’s “Solar Carve” Office Tower Nears Completion at 40 Tenth Avenue in The Meatpacking District

Designed by Studio Gang, the stunning glass facade at 40 Tenth Avenue is now complete. Described as a “solar carve,” the 12-story office building features a chiseled, gem-like curtain wall that was engineered to eliminate shadows.

“40 Tenth’s crystalline glass curtain wall is arguably its most important element, and its completion represents an important milestone as we prepare to welcome tenants this spring,” said Jared Epstein, Vice President and Principal at Aurora Capital Associates, who partnered with William Gottleib Real Estate on development.

Facade at 40 Tenth Avenue

Facade at 40 Tenth Avenue

At the crux of science and conceptual design, the building’s prismatic curtain wall is the result of Studio Gang’s ongoing research into “solar carving” technology, which draws data from solar movement throughout the day. Facade engineers then applied that data to design a curtain wall that reduces the amount of shadow cast from the building onto the

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Interior Designers In Miami – Luxury Home, Office Interiors

MRA Design is your full service interior designer for South Florida, the continental United States and abroad. We are your one stop design shop for all your needs. Our upscale clientele speaks volumes for who we are. MRA is a licensed interior design firm with full time licensed interior designers. Whether you need a retail store designer or a luxury home designer, MRA is a multi-disciplinary design firm with 26 years expertise in retail, commercial, and hospitality design. MRA‘s philosophy is guiding clients to new visions and opportunities. We create spaces that suit your sense of style and taste.

MRA prides itself on sophistication, elegance, and style. We fill the void for all your design needs. MRA is the design company for major retail chains in malls throughout the country. Our staff of award winning designers, project managers and production specialists works steadily and successfully with groups of highly skilled

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